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Interpretation of verse; "Stars are missile shots at devils"

Stars are missile shots at devils,Response;
This is what wikiIslams author says
The Qur'an says that stars (kawakib ٱلْكَوَاكِبِ) / lamps (masabih مَصَٰبِيحَ) adorn the heavens and guard against devils.
The author of the Qur'an does not seem to know the difference between stars (giant balls of gas thousands of times larger than the earth) and meteors which are small rocky masses of debris which brighten up after entering the earth's atmosphere. Many ancient people confused the two, as meteors look like stars that are streaking across the sky; this is why there were often called shooting stars or falling stars. In the following verse, the Qur'an claims that Allah uses stars as missiles to ward away devils. This repeats a common Arab myth at the time the Qur'an was first recited.
We have indeed decked the lower heaven with beauty (in) the stars, (For beauty) and for guard against all obstinate rebellious evil spirits, (So) they should not strain their ears in the direction of the Exalted Assembly but be cast away from every side, Repulsed, for they are under a perpetual penalty,Save him who snatcheth a fragment, Except such as snatch away something by stealth, and they are pursued by a flaming fire, of piercing brightness.
Qur'an 37:6-10
The same Arabic words are used at the start of verse 67:5 as in 37.6 (زَيَّنَّا ٱلسَّمَآءَ ٱلدُّنْيَا), except the stars are described as lamps. Clearly the lamps that 'beautify the heaven' refer to stars (and perhaps also the 5 visible planets), which are always there. Meteors are generally not much larger than grains of sand and are only visible for a second when they burn up, generating light in the Earth's atmosphere after millions of years in darkness, but the author of the Qur'an believes that meteors (the 'missiles') are a kind of star.
And verily We have beautified the world's heaven with lamps, and We have made them missiles for the devils, and for them We have prepared the doom of flame.
Qur'an 67:5

In Sahih Muslim we have a hadith confirming that the pursuing flames / missiles in the two verses refer to what we would call meteors which they saw shooting across the sky.
'Abdullah. Ibn 'Abbas reported: A person from the Ansar who was amongst the Companions of Allah's Messenger (pbuh reported to me: As we were sitting during the night with Allah's Messenger (pbuh), a meteor shot gave a dazzling light. Allah's Messenger (pbuh) said: What did you say in the pre-Islamic days when there was such a shot (of meteor)? They said: Allah and His Messenger know best (the actual position), but we, however, used to say that that very night a great man had been born and a great man had died, whereupon Allah's Messenger pbuh) said: (These meteors) are shot neither at the death of anyone nor on the birth of anyone. Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, issues Command when He decides to do a thing. Then (the Angels) supporting the Throne sing His glory, then sing the dwellers of heaven who are near to them until this glory of God reaches them who are in the heaven of this world. Then those who are near the supporters of the Throne ask these supporters of the Throne: What your Lord has said? And they accordingly inform them what He says. Then the dwellers of heaven seek information from them until this information reaches the heaven of the world. In this process of transmission (the jinn snatches) what he manages to overhear and he carries it to his friends. And when the Angels see the jinn they attack them with meteors. If they narrate only which they manage to snatch that is correct but they alloy it with lies and make additions to it.

The first line by the wikiIslam,s author is wrong.He said that Kwakib and Masabeh both mean star which is a wrong thing. kwakib means star it is right but masabih also means star is not right. Masabih means lamps and it is used metaphorically because there is no meaning of misbah as star. Many of Muslim interpreters new and old ones have written in their tafsirs that the meaning of this verse is beyond their knowledge and knowledge of their time See Tafsir Jalalain, Tafseer roh ul Maani Tafseer e Namoona . They did not know about meteors so they translated as stars. Now look at the metaphor beautifully manifested. Misbah is chiragh if we look at its manufacturing it is made of stone ( which is mud dried and hardened) and have a flame on one end.If we through the chiragh like the motion of meteors ,it will provide the same scene.Hence Masabih was a metaphor which could not be understood by the interpreters and people of that time so they took stars from them. The verses 37- 6-10 does not have any demor. The only proof by them is the hadith of Sahih Muslim which does not discusses the meaning of Misbah in that verse but it is a conversation between Holy Prophet SAW and some non Muslims . The words used are shooting stars .As we have already discussed in the section about verse regarding Hazrat Abraham As that Prophets always talk in the language of people talking with them. So he used the word shooting star. There is no reason to translate the word Misbah as star but one have to translate according to his knowledge and knowledge of his time.


  1. I have a doubt; does Misbah mean chiragh? Doesn't misbah mean lamp? What about kawaakib? Does kawaakib mean star? But stars are Nujoom. What does Kawaakib mean?

  2. Chiragh is translated here in English as 'lamp'. In dictionary both Kawaakib and Najam are broadly translated as 'stars', however a difference defined in books is that kawaakib are stars with no light of their own i.e. planets while najam are stars with their own lights i.e. true stars.

  3. There's two different subjects being mentioned in the Qur'an, One is about the Heavenly Council of Angels; the Jinn Spirits traveling to this Council like in Job when Satan goes to God asking if he can Tempt Job, this was the Heavenly Council as you can see Satan one of the Jinn was allowed to enter this Council with other Spirits, the people Arabs; Jews Christians Pagans were aware of this Council; Spirits being allowed at this Council gathering information revelation to be a test lying Spirit just like in The Bible, they would give information prophecies to Humanity, the Unbelievers told Muhammad your being given this information knowledge from a Spirit Satan from the Council Heavens, Allah closed off the Heavens guarding them with Angels having Bright Scorching Flame protecting the Revelation, explaining Muhammad was receiving his Revelation from Gabriel, this was the context of Muhammad's Revelation not being from Jinn, because Allah was guarding the Heavens with Angels, so this was the Flames waiting for the Jinn, Muhammad mentioned this in the hadith above, this isn't about the verses that deal with Astrologers; Allah creating in the lowest Heaven Lamps Planetary Systems that Astrologers use to guess the future prophecies noble births, these verses aren't speaking about Stars being projectiles against the corrupted or devils, but Lamps being placed in the Heavens as guesses for the unbelievers corrupted Astrologers conjecture as a test.


    And, indeed, We have adorned the skies nearest to the earth with lights, 4 and have made them the object of futile guesses for the evil ones [from among men]: 5 and for them have We readied suffering through a blazing flame

    Amatul Rahman Omar

    We have, certainly, adorned the lowest heaven with (stars-like) lamps and We have made them as means of conjecture for the evil ones (and the astrologers who invent good or bad omens from the movement of the stars). (Remember) We have prepared for these (soothesayers) the punishment of the blazing Fire.

    Quran (37:8) (So) they should not strain their ears in the direction of the Exalted Assembly but be cast away from every side,

    They are driven away, there's no Stars being thrown at these rebellious devils.

    Quran (37:9) and are repelled. Theirs is an unceasing chastisement.

    If they snatch information Angels throw Bright Flames at these devils rebellious Spirits, there's no Stars being thrown at these devils.

    Quran (37:10) And if any is able to snatch a fragment, he is pursued by a piercing flame.

    1. Actually with further study Muhammad said shooting stars are thrown at devils according to the hadith, this isn't remotely even scientifically possible, shooting stars are a natural phenomenon, having nothing to do with chasing off spiritual beings, so the Qur'an is wrong.

      Muhammad was probably mixing Arabs belief with Judaism; Christianity,telling stories from apocryphal writings being mixed with the Arabs belief superstitions; history, Muhammad was trying to save his people from Idolatry he wasn't trying to deceive anybody; some Jews have no problems with Islam; claim Muslims have salvation because they worship One God; observe the Noahide laws, they probably believe the Jews in Arabia taught the Arabs Judaism trying to save them, but since shooting stars obviously isn't weapons against devils the Qur'an has errors, unless someone can convince me with actual logical evidence this is the only logical understanding, plus there's other problems with the Qur'an stories.

    2. As it is clearly stated that, the hadith and the ayah quoted by the opponents refer to Shihab e Saqib and not the stars and Shihab e Saqib are meteors which are metaphorically referred as 'the shooting stars'. Both the quran and hadith say that these meteors are shot at the devils who try to listen to the what's going on in higher heavens. It is not against the science, science neither proves it nor disproves it. It is the thing which simply lies outside the scope of Science at least for now. Plus Muhammad PBUH did not copy any one, he told the people what was revealed from Allah. Islam has whole the truth and there are no errors in Quran and Islam.

    3. Wrong the Qur'an clearly describes what Muhammad thought about shooting stars; their function, Muhammad said when Allah created our world, he placed lamps in the lowest heaven as decorations; as a guard, so these nighttime lamps, lights we see in the nighttime sky are placed there as a guard against the devils; Angels snatch these lamps throwing these lamps at devils who are trying to escape our Globe to gather secrets from this council of Angels, who are passing information to the Angels on Earth, so Muhammad thought the nighttime MilkyWay of Stars & Planets are decorations; weapons against devils ? Muhammad is 100% wrong because shooting stars are only dust rocks entering our atmosphere then burning up; if Muhammad got this wrong because of myths Jewish teachings from their mistakes; God didn't explain these false superstitions then Muhammad can't be a prophet from God because he can't get this wrong; the only way to fix this problem is to twist the interpretations; ignore the prophet, then claim some other outrageous illogical claims like Sunburst, Muhammad can't make this mistake.

      So Angels are surrounding the Globe throwing meteors at Jinn who are trying to leave our atmosphere to steal information from the heavily council of Angels ?

      This can't be true because the sky would be filled with these shooting stars Angels battling Jinn, this is the Arabs superstitious coming from other nations, that shouldn't be in the Qur'an, Allah should've explained this like the Scientists know for a fact what shooting stars are just dust debris rocks from Space, there's nothing else to discuss, Muhammad was wrong.

    4. Do you know Arabic? Who asked you to put your words in our mouth? You are going too literal to prove us wrong. It's eloquent Arabic lingustics and not a simple is am are style English. So, next time don't try to impose your false opinion on us.
      The verse you are quoting says that ''We have decorated the first sky with lamps, and they are missile shots at devils'', now pay attention THOSE lamps which are missile shots are 'Shihab e Saqib'i.e. meteors (which are commonly referred to as shooting stars) [this is what is mentioned in that Hadees quoted above too], there is no scientific wrong in it. Meteors fall, they look like lamps, the look like firing missiles. Now coming to the second part, you first need to explain what are devils and what are angels, only then you can comment on whether this burning dust or debris is of use against devils or not? Prophet Muhammad PBUH never copied anything from any one, He was a true messenger of God.
      How can you say that sky would be filled with shooting stars with this battle? Do you think its like a battle between humans? first explain the nature of Jinns and Angels, how many devils try to cross and pass information etc. then we can pay heed to this illogical argument.